Excluded Works

Copyright Agency’s Statutory Education Licences and licence agreements for Government departments and agencies cover all text and images from any source, from anywhere in the world. Some works are excluded from our annual business licences, licences for media monitoring organisations and visual arts licences.

Annual Business LICENces

The works listed below are specifically excluded from annual business licences. This list may change from time to time.

Song lyrics and sheet music: contact APRA AMCOS

Works published by:

  • Aspermont Media Ltd
  • Bible Society of South Africa
  • Brenthurst Press Pty Ltd
  • City University of Hong Kong Press
  • New Asia Publishing House Ltd
  • UNISA Press
  • Warren Communications New, Inc
  • Witman Publishing Co (HK) Ltd
  • Zachen Publishers Pty Ltd

Works excluded by:

Visual Arts Licences

Some artworks will require prior approval or are excluded from licensing by Copyright Agency. When you request a visual arts licence we will advise you if any restrictions apply. We’ve also made it easy by including a list of member artists and artworks where this applies. This list will be updated from time to time.

Download a list of Visual Arts Restrictions

Not sure what’s covered?

  • Prior Approval: Where artists and/or artworks require prior approval before licensing. Special conditions apply to these works.
  • Restricted or Excluded Artworks: Where artworks are excluded from licensing by Copyright Agency, in most cases the artist does not own the copyright of the particular artwork, so we are unable to licence these works. Some specific works also contain licensing restrictions, such as joint copyright clearance or sensitive material.

Any questions? Simply contact us for more information or submit a licence request and we will advise if any restrictions apply.

Updated June 2023