Local Government Authorities

Since Local Government Authorities are not under the Crown and can not copy under the Statutory Government Licence, they are required to purchase a licence to copy and share information.

Our CopyrightAccess licence gives councils the ability to copy and share third party works to perform routine functions, without delay or risk of copyright infringement.

This includes, for example:

  • News and magazine articles: Councils will be able to copy and share community, regional and national articles
  • Sponsorship and grant applications: Councils who include articles as part of council submissions can do so legally
  • General office sharing and reporting: A licence validates the inclusion of tables, graphs, images, extracts and articles in reports and on the council intranet
  • Environment and Sustainability: Emailing of third-party research, journal articles and conference papers or presenting them digitally
  • Planning and civil works: Use of journal articles, commissioned reports
  • Training of council staff: Distribution of textbook content, standards
  • Library services: Making copies of published material for council use and library services
  • Community engagement: Use of excerpts, images, photos, graphs etc in council marketing material and publications


You can Price a Licence in three easy steps and purchase online. Or if you prefer, contact our Licensing department on 1800 066 844 (toll free within Australia) or +61 2 9394 7600 or email copyrightaccess@copyright.com.au

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