Membership to the Copyright Agency is free to all rightsholders and does not involve any assignment of rights.

Our core services to authors are:

  • Collecting and distributing copyright fees for educational and government use of works. The Copyright Agency has been appointed by the government to manage the education and government copying schemes (statutory licences) in the Copyright Act that allow educational institutions and governments to use content without permission, provided they make fair payment.
  • Licensing writer’s content to corporations and others. The agency arrangement is non-exclusive and writers remain free to license their works themselves.


  • free national seminars
  • Monthly e-news (Creative Licence)
  • funding for writers’ projects and skills development through our Cultural Fund
  • advocacy for creator’s rights


  1. Read our Terms & Conditions
  2. Apply online via our Member Portal.
  3. Or you can contact the Copyright Agency’s Member Services team on 1800 066 844 or by emailing memberservices@copyright.com.au.


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Alice Pung


“Artists spend so long creating their work and attempting originality, to have this taken away easily is an insult to their craft.”

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