MMO Licensing FAQ

Do Media Monitoring Organisations and the Copyright Agency work together?

Yes. The Copyright Agency licenses five Media Monitoring Organisations (MMOs) to legally copy and share Australian
newspaper and magazine content with their clients: iSentia, Meltwater, Streem, Gerathy & Madison, and MyMedia Intelligence.

So, do I need a Copyright Agency licence if I am already a customer of a licenced MMO?

Potentially. Copyright Agency Licensed Media Monitoring Organisations can provide you with a Downstream Licence – which
will allow you to read and make a hardcopy of the newspaper and magazine content received from the MMO, digitally share
this content with employees and Directors of your organisation and store the content for up to 12 months.

However if you do anything beyond the terms of the Downstream Licence, additional licences or permissions are required.

What does a Copyright Agency licence permit on top of the above*?

A Copyright Agency licence enables you to maximise your MMO service. It allows you to:

  1. Share newspaper or magazine content externally via social media, website posting, extranets and via email
  2. Copy and share newspaper or magazine content even if it did not come from a Copyright Agency Licensed Media Monitoring Organisation
  3. Share other business critical content, such as industry journal articles, internet content and survey plans and maps
  4. Store news content beyond the MMO limit of 12 months
  5. Use news content in presentations, management reports and meeting minutes

What does the Copyright Agency do with my licence fees?

The not-for-profit Copyright Agency pays back more than $0.87c in every dollar collected to creators, authors,
publishers and journalists. This allows them to continue to develop new high-quality content for organisations
like yours to use in the future.

* Guide only. Please refer to licence agreements for full terms and conditions.