On leaving school, I was attracted to the opportunity to work both indoors and outdoors in a mathematical-based field.

As a surveyor, you are called upon to make information based, sound, reasonable judgments based on method, law and precedence. You are also called upon to apply both ethics and integrity. It’s these aspects of the job that keep me going. Also the opportunity to continue relationships with on-going clients.

Surveyors have now rightly established intellectual property over their work and so now I see the true value of copyright. For more than a decade, surveyors have been seeking recognition for the value of their work, and a royalty from the NSW government’s sale of their plans and finally the Copyright Tribunal in July 2013 decided to award surveyors a fair share of proceeds from the sale of survey plans by the NSW Government. Read more about the case here.

I first heard about the Copyright Agency through our (former) business (Lean & Hayward). Our Managing Director (Pat McNamara) was instrumental in the whole process for obtaining Surveyors’ Copyright for Surveyors.