It’s a privilege to be an Australian creator. Australia’s got a small amount of people in it, so the community itself is small. I have many creator friends, and so being able to live in that space and breathe it feels privileged.

What inspires me to create is excellent stories. Stories are everything; give me a good story and I’ll get to work. The other thing that inspires me is my own insecurities. Sometimes it’s from those moments of insecurity that your best creative ideas come out. Sometimes it’s not a big thinktank session that creates – it’s the little quirks within us that have a pretty good story to tell.

The best thing about being a creator is seeing a small seed of an idea grow and develop into a massive metaphorical tree. To think that you could come up with an idea that seems so small, so insignificant, and that it could germinate into not only something that you feel personally proud about, but so many other people are enjoying as well… That is the number one thing I love about creating. That’s the mecca.

One of the things that we ought to pride ourselves on here in Australia is the integrity that Australia has with its copyright laws. I remember when I received my first Copyright Agency payment: it came at such an important time. What Copyright Agency does – what protecting the copyright laws does – is it inspires you to do your best possible work, knowing that there is actually additional revenues attached to the things that you create. It gives us extra incentive to excel at what we do. Take it away, and things are on more of the neutral grey path. And that’s not good for Australia.

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