Your Author Fellowship application

All applicants must provide a clear outline of their intended project.

Applications are assessed by a panel of independent peers from the writing and publishing industry.

Support Material

You must submit the following support material with your application as a PDF via the SmartyGrants online system:

  • A one-page synopsis of the proposed work.
  • A sample of your writing (up to 10 pages, preferably from your new work).
  • A one-page CV outlining your publication/performance history.
  • Proof of a contract or letter of interest or intent to publish/present from a publisher/theatre company.
  • If your project refers to, or involves First Nations individuals, communities or subject matter, you must submit a letter of support from the relevant individuals and communities.



The successful applicant will agree to acknowledge the Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund in any publication arising from the Fellowship.

Successful applicants must submit an acquittal report on their funded project within eight weeks of the completion of the project via the SmartyGrants online system. This report should include a description of the funded activities and detail the success or otherwise of the activity.

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