Resale Royalty Messages Hit the Airwaves

October 15, 2012

The Copyright Agency, in partnership with IAG Productions, has developed a series of easy-to-understand audio messages about the resale royalty scheme in 11 different Aboriginal and Torres Strait languages for remote Indigenous artists.

The short message has been produced for community radio and explains what the resale royalty scheme is and how artists can register or get more information about the scheme from Copyright Agency. Community radio stations are key communication channels in many remote communities, like CAAMA in Central Australia, Radio Goolarri in the Kimberley or TEABBA in the Top End.

The messages are available in the following languages: Central and Western Arrente, Alawarrye, Gurrindji, Kimberley Kriol, Martu, Pitjantjatjatjara, Tiwi, TSI Kriol (Yumpla Tok), Warlpiri and Yolgnumatha.

These short messages are being played on several different community radio stations over the month of June. The translated messages are another avenue to engage with remote Indigenous artists and to promote awareness about the resale royalty scheme amongst artists and their families

Copyright Agency received 34 complementary ad spots valued at $2,900 on the various community radio stations – which is encouraging, given that some of them run on extremely low budgets. These radio messages will be available on our websites as well YouTube.

YouTube links below: