Effective measures to reduce online piracy are paramount

May 19, 2015

Copyright Agency | Viscopy has welcomed the Government’s Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper, saying reform is long overdue.

Chief Executive Murray St Leger said, “It’s well established[1] that Australians overwhelmingly want creators to be paid for the work they distribute online. We want an internet that works for everyone – creators, consumers, tech providers and ISPs, and that means effective measures to reduce online piracy are paramount.”

“Our creative communities are the drivers of innovation but they cannot continue to create nor innovate if they are not fairly rewarded. It’s copyright that creates the incentive for innovation.”

The Government’s discussion paper states, “Australia’s copyright industries employ 900,000 people and generate economic value of more than $90 billion, including $7 billion in exports. Digitisation means that these industries are particularly susceptible to harm from online copyright infringement with the potential to directly impact on the Australian economy and Australian jobs.”

“Our members, who are authors, journalists, photographers, publishers and artists, all want the same thing, to feel assured that they are paid for their labour and that they have the right to decide whether their work can be consumed or shared by others,” Mr St Leger said.

“We look forward to contributing to the discussion.”

[1] 78% think it is inappropriate for people to take the work of artists and distribute it online without compensation. UMR Research: Artists compensation for works distributed online, March 2012)

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