Visual Artist Research Initiative Launched

October 22, 2015

The Copyright Agency | Viscopy today launched a independent research project, Voice of the Artist, to find out more about the extent to which visual artists have been impacted – either positively or negatively – by the online environment.

The will be first in Australia and New Zealand to more deeply explore the intersection between visual artists and the online environment.

The objectives of the survey are to:

  • Understand how visual artists manage their copyright
  • Assess the impact of copyright infringement and digital technology on visual artists
  • Consider perceptions of artists rights in a digital economy
  • Identify opportunities for revenue to artists from the copying or sharing of their work, particularly in the online environment

The Copyright Agency | Viscopy partnered with 10 other arts organisations to more widely canvas the opinions of visual artists outside their membership.

The findings will be communicated to all key stakeholders and lay the foundations for further conversations to be presented in a publication and seminar. The results will be of broad benefit to everyone in the industry and will help us better understand the opportunities for creating a sustainable economic future for visual artists.

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