Artists Respond to Survey

Visual Arts

More than 1,000 visual artists from around Australia and New Zealand have completed a survey as part of a new Viscopy led research initiative, Voice of the Artist.

Conducted by independent research company AMR, the survey reached beyond Copyright Agency and Viscopy’s membership to include other professional artists who were members of organisations like NAVA, the Australian Artist Association and Artist Alliance. A total of nine other organisations participated.

Voice of the Artist is a three part project which aims to generate lively discussion around the real and expected behaviours of using visual art images online. As the first part of this project, the survey sought to discover more about how the web has impacted professional artists’ practice, how artists manage their copyright (including infringements), their perceptions of their rights in a digital economy and what they would consider to be a fair reproduction of their artwork.

The results are currently being analysed, and will guide a series of articles by artists, academics, copyright lawyers and other industry leaders in a special publication produced and distributed by Rococo Productions (producers of Oberon).

The publication is planned to be launched at an event held during mid-2016.