Copyright Agency and ARCS Australia partner for good copyright governance

August 18, 2017

Copyright licensing organisation, the Copyright Agency and medical and pharmaceutical training organisation ARCS Australia have joined forces to support better copyright governance in the science, medical and therapeutics sectors.

The partners will be working together to educate and inform ARCS members with regards to copyright in the workplace.

Director of Commercial Licensing at the Copyright Agency, Guy Johnson, says, “We are delighted to partner with ARCS in providing education and awareness on the importance of copyright licensing in a sector that highly values and respects intellectual property and content. Copyright licences with companies and institutions using third party material ensure that professional content creators receive appropriate compensation.”

ARCS CEO, Shanny Dyer, says “We want to build a skilled and informed workforce in Australia. This important partnership with the Copyright Agency will help our members better understand governance standards in relation to copyright issues within our sector.”

The Copyright Agency will be exhibiting at the ARCS Annual Conference in Sydney on 22-24 August. An ‘Express Learning’ session will provide attendees with an insight into copyright compliance in the knowledge economy.

The agreement between ARCS and the Copyright Agency offers:
– A 10% discount on all new licence fees for MedTech and Pharma (MTP) companies until 30 November 2017
– Training and support: Copyright Agency consultants will hold specific workshops and webinars on copyright compliance best practice for all ARCS members