Copyright Agency welcomes Government’s response on copyright

August 25, 2017

The Copyright Agency today welcomed the Government’s measured response to the Productivity Commission report on Australia’s Intellectual Property arrangements which recognises Australia’s copyright system is critical for creative innovation.

Copyright Agency CEO Adam Suckling says, “Copyright plays a critical role in driving investment in the cultural and innovative life of our nation. We welcome the Government’s recognition that it is critical to have in place a copyright regime that supports Australian creators and innovators, encourages ongoing investment in creativity and the telling of Australian stories.

“The Productivity Commission had recommended Australia import a fair use copyright regime from the US. The introduction of fair use would have seriously undermined Australian writers, journalists, film and television-makers and artists, as well as all the great companies that invest in Australian creativity. The Government has said there are different approaches available to address this complex issue and it will publicly consult on more flexible copyright exceptions.

“The Copyright Agency will respond positively and constructively to the Department of Communication’s review about the Collecting Societies’ Voluntary Code of Conduct, which is aimed at ensuring the effective and transparent administration of copyright licences,” Mr Suckling says.

“In particular, we value the opportunity to contribute to the Department’s consideration of the efficiency and effectiveness of statutory licences. These licences provide all Australian school and university students with access to everything ever published for less than the cost of a book a year.

“We support the Government’s sensible approach to orphan works which will make it easier for libraries and collecting institutions to exhibit material to the Australian public.

“The Copyright Agency looks forward to working with Government to ensure Australia’s copyright system continues to evolve sensibly with developments in technology, content creation and consumer behaviour.”

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