LearningField welcomes three new publishers to its online textbook platform

August 8, 2017

LearningField, a world-first digital textbook platform by The Copyright Agency, welcomes three new publishers – National Educational Advancement Programs (Neap), Edrolo and Titan Education – offering more than 250 new texts, study guides and video support programs to students and teachers.

The new publisher resources add to the list of more than 1,300 e-textbooks and interactive learning products currently available on the LearningField platform. The platform now boasts unlimited access to more than 14,500 chapters for Australian secondary students and teachers.

CEO of the Copyright Agency, Adam Suckling, says LearningField was developed because teachers are always searching for high-quality, easy-to-use resources that enhance student learning, from major Australian publishers.

“Having a wide choice of texts and study guides readily available is invaluable for students and teachers,” says Mr Suckling. “It gives teachers the option of combining texts to create bespoke lesson plans, and enables students to browse through resources that may better complement their learning style.”

National Educational Advancement Programs (Neap) will be introduced in 2018, contributing more than 175 titles to LearningField and offering senior students revision programs, including trial exams, as well as diagnostic testing material across a variety of subjects for teachers in Victoria and New South Wales.

The introduction of Edrolo will enhance senior students’ studies, offering interactive video lessons and exam practice tools that enhance student engagement, creating active learning experiences.

Australian-owned Titan Education will also contribute around 75 textbooks, teacher guides and workbooks to LearningField, with a focus on Year 5-12 Health and Physical Education and PDHPE titles, doubling the number of choices available to Australian HPE/PDHE teachers.

LearningField has also introduced its new Engagement Dashboard, which will enhance teacher insights into student performance. Teachers will now be able to assess which students have accessed resources, how many pages are viewed over their study sessions and the average length of a study session.

A new ‘pick and mix’ pricing model has also been introduced, providing greater flexibility for schools. Schools no longer have to purchase interactive titles on top of e-textbook library subscriptions, nor do they need to select from pre-bundled combinations of core and elective subjects.  Instead, they can choose three subjects or titles that best meet their students’ needs, saving them on subjects they are less likely to use.

“These new additions to LearningField not only enhances the learning experiences of students, but also supports smaller publishers, providing a platform for their resources to be used by schools across the country,” adds Mr Suckling.

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