Your payment arrangements – do you wish to change?

November 7, 2017

Opportunity for Author members to change current payment arrangements

In December Copyright Agency will be making a payment of licence fees from universities. Some authors paid in this distribution will receive the full payment for titles that have multiple rightshholders, and will bear the responsibility to on-pay all other rightsholders entitled to a share of that payment.

Copyright Agency is obliged to inform all rightsholders when a sole payment is made to one party on works with multiple rightsholders. To ensure the required payment sharing has occurred, the Member Services team will be following up with recipient parties in early 2018.

Popular feedback from some authors has been that they would prefer such payments be made to their publishers, so that the publisher can manage any sharing arrangements of payments instead.

You can check with your publisher if you’re not sure what your responsibilities are in relation to payments on works with multiple rightsholders.

If you would like Copyright Agency to make payments to your publisher, instead of you, for all future distributions, please let us know by email.

If you have any questions about your payment arrangements, please feel free to contact our Member Services Manager, Rosie Daniele on 02 9394 7608 or


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