A fairer approach to paying for copied images

March 7, 2018

We are improving our processes for paying rightsholders for pages containing text and images copied in schools and universities. The new process is fairer for rightsholders and removes duplicated effort on our part.

Images and text together on a page

Previously, the Copyright Act required payments for a page containing text and images to be split equally between the rightsholder for the text component and the rightsholder for the image. However, in many instances both the text and the image belonged to the same rightsholder and therefore was a duplication of effort.

In our new process, we will no longer distinguish pages with text and images from pages with just text. Instead, we will set aside a small percentage of the licence fees for artist-owned images.

Stand-alone images (without text)

We have not changed our process for images that teachers copy (without text). This is partly because these images have a higher relative value (as determined by the Copyright Tribunal).

Payments for artist-owned images

The Copyright Agency has begun to collect data directly from visual artists, including fine artists, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers, about where and when their works have been published, and whether they have retained the copyright.

Last year, we used this data to make payments to artists for images copied by governments, corporations, TAFEs and some other education institutions. We are using a similar process this year.

For further information about this change, please contact Member Services on 1800 066 844.