Social media rights now bundled with your annual licence

March 27, 2018

Your Copyright Agency annual licence now includes rights to share articles from major Australian newspapers and magazine publishers on your corporate social media channels.

This will greatly enhance your ability to legally share knowledge through your networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and is in addition to the rights already available to you to communicate content on corporate websites or via email.

Your organisation can now either link to the newspaper article on your corporate social media channel, or you can copy and paste the full text of the article.
What content can I communicate on social media under the licence?

The new social media right allows licensees to communicate articles from titles from Fairfax Media, News Corporation, Bauer Media, The West Australian, Pacific Magazines, Elliot Newspapers and Torch Publishing.

The right only extends to the text of the article and any embedded images in the article. Photographs, artwork or other graphics cannot be used separately on social media and video content is not covered.

Sharing content via links and share buttons

Most newspaper and magazine publishers will have social media buttons on their articles and other content, allowing you to share a link to content via social media. Where the publisher has provided those social media buttons, the Copyright Agency encourages our licensees to use them.

However, we understand that sometimes you want to post the full article to your social media channel and we’ve negotiated with the Australian newspaper and magazine publishers to facilitate that right for you.

What do I need to do now?
Speak to Copyright Agency’s Relationship Manager, Cheryl Yates on 02 9394 7653 or about incorporating social media into your licensing arrangements or for further information.