Visual artists to claim royalties

April 4, 2018

The Copyright Agency is mounting a campaign this month to collect fresh data from Australian artists and their heirs about where their works have been published or used on TV.

The campaign aims to build a more comprehensive picture about how copyrighted artwork is being used in Australia and provide payments to artists.

More than $1 million will be paid to artists, photographers, cartoonists and illustrators who provide details about where their works have been published or screened on television before 30 April 2018.

This is a common practice among collecting societies internationally to ensure that the data relied upon to pay rightsholders is reflective of what’s happening widely in the community.

Artists, photographers, illustrators, cartoonists and fine artists are being asked to provide information about where their work has been published – for instance, whether online or in magazines, newspaper or books – or on television. Artists who are eligible, will receive a minimum royalty payment of $50.

Artists will need to be a member of the Copyright Agency or to join. Membership is free.


Complete the claim if:

• You have created artworks (such as photographs, cartoons, illustrations or paintings); OR
• You are a beneficiary of a person who created artworks; AND
• The images have been included in an Australian publication (book, ebook, journal, online journal, magazine, newspaper) and/or shown on TV in Australia; AND
• You retain copyright in those images.

Those who applied last year do not need to resupply the same information.