Understanding Australia’s copyright framework

June 5, 2018

To assist the current review of copyright law in Canada, the Copyright Agency joined with the Copyright Council, the Australian Publishers’ Association and the Australian Society of Authors to submit a paper providing an overview of our copyright framework and current state of play.

This was partly prompted by some misunderstandings about the situation in Australia in the testimony of some witnesses to the review. The matters under review include changes to Canadian copyright law that have led to Canadian education institutions cancelling their copyright licences with the Canadian copyright management organisation Access Copyright. Canadian writers and publishers say that the consequences of the changes were unintended, and that they have led to 80% of licensing revenue “disappearing”.

This overview is a handy summary of how copyright works in Australia. Read the overview.

Australian Copyright Modernisation Consultation

The Australian Government is continuing its consultation on copyright modernisation – and has held several roundtable discussions with stakeholders. Submissions to the consultation have been extended to 4 July 2018.