Member survey results 2018

July 10, 2018

Results of our 2018 member and stakeholder survey are in and we’d like to thank those who participated.  The survey allows us to understand what we are doing well for members and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, the results indicate that members have high levels of engagement (82%) and that 81% of members are very supportive of the policy advocacy work the Copyright Agency undertakes to protect their interests.

The majority of members are satisfied with the services they have received from Copyright Agency (81%), on par with the all industry average (+2%), and an improvement on the last survey in 2016.

83% of members would speak positively to others about Copyright Agency, while members’ perceptions of organisation progress are also high (80%), on par with the benchmark average (+1%).

Over 80% of members agree that Copyright Agency has a good reputation (86%), is successful (81%) and has a positive future (81%).

While relatively fewer agreed that Copyright Agency was innovative (72%), this result was still above the industry benchmark (+8%).

Members are highly supportive of the principles guiding Copyright Agency (93% average) and the initiatives (86% average) being undertaken to achieve them.

The principles are:

  • promoting the profile of Australian creators, supporting Australian writing and visual arts (Cultural Fund & Reading Australia)
  • recognising and encouraging early-career visual artists, promoting Australian literature in schools (John Fries Award)
  • facilitating access to digital versions of textbooks for Australian schools (LearningField)
  • a copyright framework that supports Australian creators and publishers (Free Is Not Fair campaign), and
  • highlighting the impact that books and art have on people’s lives (This Book/Song Changed My Life campaign)

Copyright Agency’s service focus was rated highly, with responsiveness (+13%) and service (+11%) being significantly above the benchmark average. Members’ trust (88%) was also identified as a key strength of Copyright Agency. These three factors were key drivers in the level of passion (member engagement) and sense of progress members felt towards the organisation.

Some direct comments members provided included:

  • As a small organisation, we are unable to fully protect our intellectual property. As teachers we are taught to share resources. It is nice to have these resources acknowledged and paid for. These funds allow us to give more back to our members.
  • Payments are crucial to sense of individual self-worth, as well as financial benefit. Cultural Fund has been very important in supporting work of a voluntary association with which I have been involved in this state.

Areas for improvement

Members sought better communications around payments and our sample surveys.

Comments included:

  • Ensure all weeks of the school year are captured in surveys, including the weeks when schools open and commence with students. No week should ever be excluded over any one sample period, which doesn’t mean all sampling sites have to do the exact same weeks.
  • Sampling is better than nothing – it would be great if there could be some way of tracking actual and all use (pie in the sky I know!).

The Agency has been conducting member consultations as it prepares to embark on a substantial business transformation project to improve the way we interact with our members and customers.

This includes a major revamp of the tech systems we use to make close to $120 million in copyright royalty payments to members each year. Input from these sessions will help inform and prioritise our members’ requirements so that we can build a new system that reduces unnecessary complexity and delivers more of what our members value.



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