Reminder to share your payments

July 26, 2018

If you are expecting, or have recently received, a payment from the Copyright Agency and you are not the sole rightsholder, you might need to share the payment with your co-authors or publisher.

We will alert you to this responsibility in the Notes section of your payment summary by defining the payment as either a ‘Default’, ‘Default pre-claimed’, or ‘Nominated recipient’ payment.

These terms indicate that you may be obliged to share some of that particular payment with other parties as defined in your contract with your publisher and/or co-authors.

If you are confused or unclear about your responsibilities, there are several ways you can investigate.

  1. Head to our Help Centre. We have many useful articles that answer common questions about payments.
  2. Check your contract. If you receive a payment from us, check your publishing contract for any amount you may need to share.
  3. Contact your publisher. If you can’t find the contract or are unsure about what to do, your publisher will be able to help.

You don’t have to share a payment if you are the sole rightsholder (e.g. rights have reverted to you from a publisher under your publishing contract) or if Copyright Agency has been notified about all of the shares between the various rightsholders (the contract ‘splits’).

Don’t forget, if you are expecting a payment from the Copyright Agency, check that we have your most up-to-date bank and contact details by logging into your online member account.

For any other questions, contact the Copyright Agency Member Services Team at

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