Celebrating Innovation in University Libraries

August 8, 2018

The Copyright Agency proudly sponsored this year’s Asia-Pacific Library and Information Conference (APLIC), and hosted an event to Celebrate[e] Innovation in University Libraries with the conference delegates.

The event was supported by the Australian Publishers Association (APA) and the Australian Society of Authors (ASA). Speakers included acclaimed author Dr Anita Heiss and UK Copyright Officer Kate Vasili.

Anita spoke about her love for libraries and the need to respect the work of authors via copyright. “When people don’t pay to use the work of writers, or what I like to call cultural creators, that punishes us and disrespects the work we do” she says. “The question I am always asking people is: when was the last time you went to work and didn’t get paid?”
Read Anita’s notes from the event here

Kate discussed the Middlesex University library’s digital transformation journey and how the ‘Digital Content Store’ (DCS) platform helped librarians and copyright officers to be less bogged down with administrative tasks and more engaged with students. “The Sheppard Library in London is open 24/7, and contains 350,000 books and 24,000 online journals. We have digitised over 5,300 readings since 2012, and currently digitise approximately 1,000 new readings per year. With so much content copied annually, a centralised library service and automated system was needed to supply high-quality, accessible, copyright compliant content, accurately capture usage and fairly remunerate academic authors and publishers more efficiently” she explains.
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Copyright Agency Chief Executive, Adam Suckling announced an Australian version of the system called FLEX is currently being trialled in the education sector, “We are incredibly excited to hear how the DCS solution has helped libraries and academics, and fostered a new era of cooperation between universities and the UK Copyright Licensing Agency and we are eager to replicate this collaborative approach” he says.
To find out more about FLEX please visit copyright.com.au/flex, book a demo online or contact Product Manager Richard Hinchliffe on 02 9394 7618.