Top talks at Sydney Contemporary

September 3, 2018

Art lovers take note! This month’s Sydney Contemporary art fair celebrates the vibrancy and diversity of contemporary art with art-inspired events and exhibitions from 13-16 September.

The Copyright Agency has partnered with Sydney Contemporary this year to present TALK Contemporary: a series of panel discussions featuring leading figures in the arts exploring topical and controversial themes.

Our Copyright Agency Panel Series takes an in-depth look at  the emerging technology of blockchain, questions around the ownership of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property, and best practice when developing new markets for work through residency programs.

Talks are onsite at Carriageworks and are free  for Sydney Contemporary ticket holders. The Copyright Agency is presenting the following talks.

RETURN TO COUNTRY. Friday 14 September, 12.30PM – 1.30PM

Return to Country looks at the landmark Albert Namatjira copyright case. In 2017, the copyright of the famed artist was regained by his family after being sold by the Northern Territory Public Trustee some 34 years prior. The return of his copyright to the family shines a light on the treatment of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property in Australia and raises important questions which will be looked at in this session.

Speakers: Stephanie Parkin (Copyright Agency), Sophia Marinos (Namatjira Legacy Trust) and Blak Douglas (artist).

Moderator: Oliver Watts (Artbank)

BLOCKCHAIN FOR THE ARTS? Friday 14 September, 2pm – 3pm

What is blockchain, exactly? And what might be its benefits for contemporary artists and galleries? Is it possible that this new shared digital register in the public domain might help manage problems such as faking, and assist with everyday logistical issues such as art transport and insurance? Join panellists from across the industry to learn whether blockchain might be relevant in Australia or whether it is just too early in the life of this technology to be sure.

Speakers: Baden Pailthorpe (artist), Dominik Mersch (Dominik Mersch Gallery), Alana Kushnir (curator/lawyer), Sharion Orbell (ArtChain Global)

Moderator: Julie Ewington (curator/writer)

ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE Friday 14 September, 3.30PM – 4.30PM

Artist-in-residence programs provide artists, academics and curators time to develop their practice with support from cultural organisations and mentors. The Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund supports creators to undertake residencies that provide pathways to creating new works, developing new markets and working with communities they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Hear from artists and curators who have benefited from their experience in residencies supported through Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

Speakers: Baden Pailthorpe (artist), Lottie Consalvo (artist), Ineke Dane (curator).

Moderator: Nicola Evans (Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund Manager)

Understanding the Wider Ecology for your Practice Friday 14 September, 5PM – 6PM

Presented by Copyright Agency and UNSW Art & Design, this workshop is for students, unrepresented artists, and those curious about the workings of the art world. Facilitated by independent curator Jasmin Stephens and featuring a panel of invited artists and arts professionals, the workshop will focus on different ways to develop and achieve professional development goals in the contemporary art sector. Panel members will discuss the rewards and challenges associated with their practices, emphasising a diversity of professional pathways. Participants will then be encouraged to consider the development and care of their own networks and the importance of working locally, nationally, regionally and internationally at the same time.

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