Changes introduced in 2020 to schools hardcopy survey

December 9, 2019

The Copyright Agency’s ‘hardcopy’ survey of schools, which provides us with information about photocopying, printing and scanning, will start from week 1 of Term 1, rather than the traditional week 3 of Term 1.

Copyright Agency uses an independent research company to survey 32 schools every term about their use of harcopy material. We also separately survey schools on their use of digital material. The data collected provides information about the extent and type of content used by schools, and informs payments to our members.

The change in timing has come at the request of schools, who were required to send their teachers to survey training in the first week of term. Instead, the teacher training was conducted, in the majority of schools, in Term 4 this year to meet the earlier timeframe. If the trial is successful, it’s possible that all schools scheduled to complete the surveys during Term 1 will begin from week 1 of the term from 2021 onwards.

You can read more about the surveys here.