Licence makes online teaching stress-free during COVID-19

April 22, 2020

Education institutions have had to move to only teaching online as many students are required learn from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online teaching isn’t new, but classes today look very different today compared to a couple of years ago. It’s understandable educators may have questions about what they can do, or are obligated to do, in relation to copyright.

The Copyright Agency’s broad and flexible statutory education licence enables effective online delivery of learning materials. The licence allows educators to spend their valuable time delivering high quality content, rather than seeking permission to do so.

Licensees are telling us that the licence has been crucial in the transition to remote learning.

Dr Michelle Cavaleri, Director of Academic Enhancement at Asia Pacific International College says: “Our campuses have moved seamlessly and quickly to online learning thanks to the easy operation of the licence. All that is required is a common-sense approach to the content, and we are able to deliver quality educational material to our students wherever they may be located.”

online teaching during covid

We’ve worked together in consultation with the Australian Society of Authors and Australian Publishers Association and providing information about online teaching on our website. This wpage also contains information about reading stories online under the special arrangement for school storytimes, which was agreed upon by representatives of Australian authors, publishers and schools.

The coverage provided by the licence is invaluable during this ever-evolving situation. Students can access resources with minimal interruption, and educators can copy and communicate content without having to seek prior permission.

All of this serves to safeguard creators, both monetarily and legally, ensuring that they can continue to produce content that will benefit our education system both now and in the future.

more information

Find out if your educational institution is covered, and learn how the Statutory Education Licence can reduce your risk of copyright infringement by visiting our Private Education Providers page.

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