Creators invited to review record-hitting Royalty claim

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More members added information about where their works have been published under the recent Royalty Claim campaign than ever before.

Participation in the campaign increased 1.5 times over from the previous year and is the highest since the scheme began in 2017. Now, Copyright Agency has almost 30,000 work titles for around 5,500 creators which will assist us in distributing future copyright royalty payments to visual artist and author members.

The campaign also attracted members to log in to their recently upgraded Member Portal, where they could add and view works to the Royalty Claim for the first time.

The campaign closed on the 22 January 2021 for payments in June this year, however work information can now be added at any time – see how.

What is the Royalty Claim?

Copyright Agency continues to research and use its own data sources to indicate the copying and sharing of your content. Members don’t need to provide this data to us. The Royalty Claim is about inviting creators to provide information where your works – like articles, poems, illustrations and essays – are published within other periodicals and collections, like anthologies, magazines and journals, newspapers, or online.

Completing the Royalty Claim improves our information about which works our writer and visual arts members have retained copyright in, and more granular detail about works within works that are entitled to a payment.

How do I add my works?

If you’d like more information about adding works to the Royalty Claim, read our most popular Help Centre article for a step-by-step guide, How do I register my works with you?

Your feedback is important to us

Creator members and agents who have recently used the upgraded Member Portal are invited to provide feedback on their experience so we can learn how we can continually improve. Take our short survey here.

Those that leave comments will go into the draw to win one of six $100 gift-cards. Winners will be drawn and notified on 1 March 2021.