Your payments

February 10, 2021

Copyright Agency has released a new enhancement to members’ online accounts that makes it quick and easy to understand payments.

A new payment dashboard provides a visual summary of up to five years of members’ historical payments through a series of interactive graphs and charts.

Displaying your total amount earned year-to-date, year-on-year comparisons, your top paid works, and a breakdown of the source of where your money has come from, the dashboard surfaces key information to provide you with a snapshot of your payment history.

The dashboard also links through to your downloads and a detailed view of the data, providing you the ability to do deeper analysis with a suite of reporting tools. For the first time, the upgraded platform also allows members to initiate their own refunds.

A new online tour has been launched on the Member Portal to guide members through the changes. All members need to do is log into the Member Portal, and select the ‘Payments’ menu to get started.

If you haven’t yet received a payment from us, you’ll be directed to information about upcoming Cultural Fund opportunities, annual highlights and information about our membership.