The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists

June 9, 2021


The Resale Royalty Right enables artists who create work to share in its value when it is resold. On the 11th anniversary of the scheme, here’s some information about how it’s performing:

$9.8 million

Over $9.8 million in resale royalties generated by the scheme


Over 2,195 artists and estates have had one or more resale royalties

Artists use

Artists use resale royalties to pay for studio costs, materials and other expenses. It helps them to keep making art.

$1.3 million

Over $1.3 million in resale royalties was generated by the scheme in 20/21.

220 artists

The number of artists benefitting from resale royalty continues to grow, with over 220 artists having their first resale royalty in 20/21.

Estates use

Artists’ estates use resale royalties to pay for publications and activities that support our ongoing engagement with the artist’s work. It is often the only income they receive.


65% of the artists who have had a resale royalty are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. They have received 38% of the royalties.

Artists say

Artists say receiving reports of their resales keeps them involved in the journey their art is taking and is useful for provenance.


80% of royalties are between $50 and $500.

Top 50

Of the 50 artists who have received the most resale royalty, 17 are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

Remote & regional

The scheme has a strong impact in remote and regional locations with 35% of the artists residing in NT and central Australia.

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