Have you received an email from “Copyright Agent”?

November 14, 2022

We are aware that businesses have been contacted by an organisation called “Copyright Agent”, in relation to the unlicensed use of photographs of rightsholders such as Alamy and Reuters.

Copyright Agency is not affiliated with Copyright Agent. We are a not-for-profit collecting society which grants and administers licences for the use of our members’ works in Australia.

Copyright Agent is a company based in Denmark which is used by Reuters, Alamy and other copyright rightsholders to detect web-based uses of their copyright material. Reuters has a statement on their website about their partnership with Copyright Agent here. Alamy has a statement on their website about their partnerships with Copyright Agent and other copyright protection agencies here

If you have been contacted by Copyright Agent and have questions about their claim, please direct your query to Copyright Agent using the contact details on their email. Alternatively contact them via their website.

If you are a Copyright Agency licensee and have received an email from Copyright Agent, please contact your Licensing Consultant or Relationship Manager, or email compliance@copyright.com.au

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