Changes to licence fees for individually licensed education institutions

October 30, 2023

Following extensive review and industry consultations, Copyright Agency is making some changes to its licensing arrangements with individually licensed education institutions.

These are institutions that are not covered by our arrangements with Universities Australia for its 39 members, Copyright Advisory Group (for most of the school and TAFE sectors) or the Victorian TAFE sector.

Copyright Agency has been the declared collecting society for the Statutory Education Licence available to individually licensed educational institutions since 1990. There have been many changes to the education sector in Australia since then and, with this in mind, we undertook an extensive and thorough review of the rates charged for the Statutory Education Licence to assess whether it is meeting the needs of independent educational institutions and providers in today’s context.

The review included a constructive consultation process with Independent Higher Education Australia (IHEA). It was mutually agreed there would be further research into data collection activities.

IHEA CEO, Dr Peter Hendy, says:

Independent Higher Education Australia, acting on behalf of our members, welcomes this agreement that has been reached with Copyright Agency on the new rate card and the Statutory Education Licence for the independent higher education sector. We appreciate the constructive engagement we had throughout the consultation process with Copyright Agency. IHEA looks forward to a productive relationship with Copyright Agency in the future and continuing to ensure that the education statutory licence delivers good value for the sector.

Copyright Agency CEO, Josephine Johnston, says:

I am very pleased that we have been able to work constructively with IHEA on new arrangements for individually licensed higher education institutions. These arrangements take into account current circumstances for the independent higher education sector and continue to deliver fair payments for people who create resources for the sector, supporting ongoing investment in content. The education statutory licence provides a flexible and efficient way for educational institutions to copy, share and adapt a huge array of copyright materials.

Further information on the new arrangements can be found here. The changes will take effect from 1 January 2024.