Resale Royalty: hear from the artists

November 20, 2023

On the eve of the scheme generating $14 million in royalties, here’s what some of our leading artists have to say about the importance of the Resale Royalty Right.

Abdul Abdullah: "Intellectual property and copyright is so important for artists, and the resale royalty scheme is an important way for us to sustain our practices in the long term. I think this is a great initiative, and allows artists as primary producers to share in the ongoing success of works on the secondary market." Jasper Knight: “The Resale Royalty is a modest but important way to recognise the commitment and contribution artists make to life and culture in Australia.” Laura Jones: “The Resale Royalty Scheme recognises the ongoing effort it takes for artists to maintain a creative practice. Artworks take on a life of their own after they leave the studio, and so I think the scheme is wonderful because it ensures artists benefit from that growth as well…It’s so important that artists exercise their copyright in their work, just like other creative industries.” Joel Rea: "I strongly believe supporting and cooperating with the Artists Resale Royalty Scheme is a must for all ethical professionals operating in the Australian commercial art market as it promotes fairness and full transparency in an industry rife with deceitful activity due to the lack of lawful regulations." Wendy Sharpe: "The Australian Resale Royalty Scheme for artists is important, not only as an additional source of financial support to artists but it also acknowledges the person who made the work in the first place!"