Six ways that our Visual Arts team can help your educational institution

November 23, 2023

Copyright Agency’s Statutory Education Licence provides Australian educational institutions with a simple and compliant way to use copyright protected text and images for educational purposes. Whilst you may be familiar with the Statutory Education Licence and the benefits that it offers your institution, you may not be aware that Copyright Agency also provides other licensing services to the education sector. An example of this are the services provided by our Visual Arts licensing team.

Copyright Agency has a vibrant Visual Arts licensing team whose responsibilities include sourcing and licensing artworks for a variety of uses that fall outside the scope of the Statutory Education Licence.

Here are six creative ways that our Visual Arts team can help your educational institution:

Project: Monash University Chancellery building ceiling. Ceiling design incorporating Margaret Preston’s Tea-tree and Hakea Petiolaris (detail), 1936 © Estate of Margaret Preston/Copyright Agency. Photo by Rhiannon Slattery, courtesy of Monash University, Ashton Raggatt MacDougall Architects (ARM Architecture) & Kane Construction.

1. Architecture and place making
Copyright Agency has worked on some incredible architectural projects, such as incorporating Margaret Preston’s Tea-tree and Hakea Petiolaris (1936) on the ceiling of the Monash University Chancellery. We work closely with both clients and artists to transform existing artworks into stunning architectural features, making sure the artists are compensated properly.


Wesfarmers Gift Commission with artworks by Mabel Juli, Patrick Mung Mung and Ramney Ramsey © Mabel Juli, Patrick Mung Mung and Ramney Ramsey / Copyright Agency.

2. Corporate gift giving (for clients or prospective students)
Artworks can be licensed to feature on stationary and other items that can be used in the office or as gifts for clients. Licensing artworks adds a personal and unique touch to your business and supports the creatives that made these artworks.


WA medical clinic – The Punkurunu Aboriginal Medical Service (PAMS). Artwork: Untitled (detail) © Minyawe Miller, Pitu, Kulilu (detail) © Jakayu Biljabu, All the honey ants (detail) © Sonia Williams / Copyright Agency. Photographs courtesy of Kaunitz Yeung Architects.

3. Artworks for classrooms, student break rooms or libraries
We have licensed artworks for decals that can be applied on windows or walls. Licensing artworks in this way tells a story and adds character to a space, making a visible impact that also provides educational content.

Lin Onus, Barmah Forest, 1994 featured in the Australia State of the Environment 2021 Report © Lin Onus / Copyright Agency.

4. Artworks featured in public digital assets such as websites and PDFs
Artworks can be used as features on websites (for instance alongside an Acknowledgement of Country), but also on other digital assets such as annual reports. Using licensed artworks will make your documents stand out and communicate your commitment to culture.


Miimi & Jiinda X Adairs collaboration. © Miimi & Jiinda/Copyright Agency.

5. Branding on uniforms, scarves, and fashion accessories
We have facilitated a number of collaborations between artists and fashion designers, and we can help you license artworks for use in fashion items such as uniforms, scarves, and other accessories.


Copyright Agency RAP 2018-2020. Artwork: Albert Namatjira, Hermannsburg, 1951 (detail) © Namatjira Trust / Copyright Agency

6. Reconciliation Action Plans and other reports
Copyright Agency represents over 70 Art Centres and over 5,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists from across the country, with many in remote communities where around 22% of people are engaged in arts and crafts. As such, licensing artwork for your Reconciliation Action Plan is an effective way to support to communities where this makes a real impact.


Our Visual Arts team have solutions available for all budgets and can provide creative and licensing assistance for every step of your institution’s artwork journey.
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