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Copyright issues are currently being reviewed in Australia and elsewhere.

See our submissions on various issues here.

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‘Safe harbour’ extension On 6 December 2017, the Government introduced a bill to provide ‘safe harbour’ protection for education institutions, libraries and organisations assisting people with a disability, in relation to network services they provide for staff, students and clients. Minister’s announcement

Department of Communications anouncement

Parliamentary review

Copyright Regulations The Government has sought views on an exposure draft of both the Copyright Regulations 2017 and the Copyright Legislation Amendment (Technological Protection Measures) Regulations 2017 to ensure they are fit for purpose. webpage
Code of Conduct On 25 August 2017, the Government announced a review into the Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies. Initial submissions were due by 29 September 2017. webpage
Copyright Amendment Act 2017 On 15 June 2017 the Copyright (Disabilities and Other Measures) Act 2017 was passed. The Act implements a number of amendments supported by both creators and users of copyright content. webpage
Productivity Commission inquiry into Intellectual Property Arrangements On 25 August 2017, the Government released its response to the Productivity Commission’s report on intellectual property arrangements.  


‘Fair use’ The Productivity Commission has recommended that Australia introduce a broad new copyright exception, based on the US ‘fair use’ exception. The recommendation is strongly opposed by content creators. PwC has estimated that the change could result in a loss of GDP of more than $1 billion. webpage


Kim Williams calls for rejection of PC report

‘Safe harbour’ The Copyright Act has provisions, known as ‘safe harbour’, that limit the consequences of infringement for internet service providers if they take certain steps. The government has proposed extending the safe harbour provisions to other online service providers like Google, Facebook and eBay. Those changes are strongly opposed by content creators. Music Rights Australia submission
Parallel importation of books Book retailers sometimes need permission from Australian rightsholders to import books purchased overseas for sale in Australia. The Productivity Commission has recommended removal of the permission requirement to allow an ‘open market’. The recommendation is strongly opposed by authors, publishers and the Australian Booksellers Association. Australian Society of Authors submission

Australian Publshers Association submission

Extended collective licensing An extended collective licensing (ECL) framework enables a copyright management organisation (CMO) to get approval to ‘extend’ a licensing solution authorised by the CMO’s members to cover non-members’ content. ECL has been operating in Scandinavia for many years, has recently been adopted in a number of other countries (including the UK), and has been recommended by the US Copyright Office as a better solution than the ‘fair use’ exception for ‘mass digitisation’. webpage

11 January 2018

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