Dispute resolution

Complaints that can not be resolved through our Complaints Handling Procedure may be resolved through our Dispute Resolution.

This procedure is open to all Copyright Agency members and licensees. Copyright Agency’s Dispute Resolution is voluntary and will only occur when both Copyright Agency and the Copyright Agency member or licensee agrees to have the dispute resolved through this procedure. This procedure is designed to resolve disputes between Copyright Agency and a member or licensee. There is a separate procedure governing disputes between members.

A dispute resolution decision will be from an independent expert, chosen between both parties. Each party nominates two candidates who are knowledgeable in copyright issues. The parties will then jointly choose an expert from these four candidates.

If the parties are unable to agree on a suitable candidate, the dispute will be referred for expert determination to the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre (ACDC).

How do I apply?

Notify the Copyright Agency that you wish to use the Dispute Resolution procedure. The lodgement of the dispute must be made within ten working days of Copyright Agency’s final response under the Complaints Handling procedure. Disputes can be emailed to complaints@copyright.com.au

Alternatively you can also post to:

Complaints Officer
Copyright Agency Limited
Level 11, 66 Goulburn Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Dispute Resolution Steps

  1. Any dispute received by Copyright Agency’s Complaints Officer will be acknowledged in writing within 14 working days. The acknowledgment letter will indicate whether Copyright Agency agrees that the dispute should be resolved in accordance with our Dispute Resolution procedure. If a decision is made not to enter into dispute resolution, Copyright Agency must give reasons for this decision in the acknowledgment letter.
  2. If Copyright Agency decides to pursue the dispute resolution, we will write to the member or licensee within a further 14 working days requesting all written submissions and evidence be provided to Copyright Agency within 28 working days. Copyright Agency will provide a copy of its own written submissions and evidence to the member or licensee within 28 working days.
  3. During this 28 day period, Copyright Agency will liaise with the member or licensee and the independent expert regarding convenient dates for a hearing. Copyright Agency will then notify all parties in writing about the arrangements for the hearing.
  4. Both Copyright Agency and the member or licensee will have a further 14 working days to provide any further written submissions or evidence in reply. Copyright Agency will then send a copy of all written submissions and evidence to the independent expert.
  5. At the expert determination, both parties will be given an opportunity to present their case.

Contesting the determination

If you don’t agree with the outcome, you have 28 working days to file fresh proceedings in an appropriate Court or Tribunal. If you don’t file new proceedings, the determination of the expert is binding on the parties.


Both parties will share the costs of the expert determination, including professional fees, travel expenses and venue hire. Each party must also pay their own costs associated with the determination.

For further information on Copyright Agency’s Dispute Resolution procedure, email our Complaints Officer at complaints@copyright.com.au or phone us on +612 9394 7600.

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