Copyright Timeline


year inquiry/report legislative change* international
1905 Copyright Act 1905
1912 Copyright Act 1912
1959 Spicer Committee: review of Australia’s copyright law
1968 Copyright Act 1968
1969 Copyright Act 1968 in force
1974 Franki Committee: photocopying
1980 Copyright Amendment Act 1980
1983 Copyright Amendment Act 1983
1984 CLRC: meaning of ‘publication’ Copyright Amendment Act 1984
1985 CLRC: Churches
1986 Copyright Amendment Act 1986
1987 CLRC: Performers’ rights
1988 CLRC: Importation

CLRC: Moral Rights

1989 Copyright Amendment Act 1989
1990 CLRC: Conversion damages

PSA: book prices

1991 Copyright Amendment Act 1991: importation of books
1993 Copyright Amendment (Re-Enactment) Act 1993
1994 CLRC: Journalists

CCG: Highways to Change

Copyright (World Trade Organization Amendments) Act 1994 GATT/TRIPS
1995 CLRC: Computer software

Simpson: collecting societies

1996 WIPO ‘internet’ treaties
1998 CLRC: Simplification of the Copyright Act Part 1 Copyright Amendment Act (No. 1) 1998

Copyright Amendment Act (No. 2) 1998

1999 CLRC: Simplification of the Copyright Act Part 1

NCC: s51(3) of TPA

Copyright Amendment (Computer Programs) Act 1999
2000 CLRC: Copyright Tribunal

IPCRC: IP and competition

Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda) Act 2000

Copyright Amendment (Moral Rights) Act 2000

2002 CLRC: Copyright and Contract

Myer Committee: report on visual arts and crafts

2003 Copyright Amendment (Parallel Importation) Act 2003
2004 Phillip Fox: Digital Agenda review

JSCT review of AUSFTA

Senate Committee review of AUSFTA

Department for the Arts: resale royalty discussion paper

US Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act 2004
Copyright Legislation Amendment Act 2004
Australia–US Free Trade Agreement
2005 CLRC: Crown copyright

AGD: fair use

Copyright Amendment (Film Directors’ Rights) Act 2005
2006 LACA: technological protection measures Copyright Amendment Act 2006 (Cth)
2007 Department of the Arts Discussion Paper on Legal Deposit
2008 Cutler: review of Australia’s innovation system

CMC: Building a creative innovation economy

2009 Government 2.0 Taskforce

PC: parallel importation of books

Government White Paper on Innovation

Department of Communications: Digital Economy Future Directions

Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009
2010 PC: Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements Resale royalty scheme in force
2011 BISG report
2012 Department of Communications: Convergence Review WIPO Beijing treaty for audiovisual performances
2013 National Cultural Policy

BICC report

WIPO ‘Marrakesh’ treaty for visually impaired
2014 ALRC report: Copyright and the Digital Economy report

AGD: Online Copyright Infringement Discussion Paper

* comprehensive list of amendments in Copyright Act Endnote 3: Legislative History


AGD Attorney General’s Department
ALRC Australian Law Reform Commission
AUSFTA Australia-US Free Trade Agreement
BICC Book Industry Collaborative Council
BISG Book Industry Strategy Group
CCG Copyright Convergence Group
CLRC Copyright Law Review Committee
CMC Cultural Ministers Council
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
IPCRC Intellectual Property and Competition Review Committee
JSCT Joint Standing Committee on Treaties
LACA House of Representatives Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee
NCC National Competition Council
PC Productivity Commission
PSA Prices Surveillance Authority
TPA: Trade Practices Act
TRIPS Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WTO World trade Organization

12 August 2014

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