Good Copyright Governance

The Good Copyright Governance initiative recognises organisations which secure copyright licences, therefore hitting a benchmark for copyright compliance and fairly supporting Australian creators.

All Copyright Agency licensees can promote their organisation as a supporter of Australian creators by incorporating the Good Copyright Governance tick across their promotional channels.



We value the Good Copyright Governance initiative as it acknowledges our commitment as a licensed organisation to do the right thing by the creators whose works we reuse. By displaying the tick logo on our websites, we tell the world that our agencies contribute to the Australian creative industries in an ethical way.”

Adam Benson,
National Chair, Registered Consultancy Group (PRIA’s RCG)
Director & Owner, Recognition PR & Write Away Communication + Events

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GCG Tick

Good Copyright Governance Tick

The GCG Tick logo is available with tagline and as a standalone in JPEG and EPS formats.


GCG Tick Guidelines

All the information you need to use the Good Copyright Governance logo in a handy style guide.


scheme terms & conditions

You can find the full Terms & Conditions here.