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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Lyren, LenaLyren, Lena; Lena Lyren1941Submit request
Lyrholm, AakeLyrholm, Aake; Aake Lyrholm1925Submit request
Lysell, LindaLysell, Linda; Linda Lysell1947Submit request
Lysen, ElsaLysen, Tuss, Elsa; Tuss Lysen1951Submit request
Lysenkov, Evgenija IlinichnaLysenkov, Evgenija Ilinichna; Evgenija Ilinichna LysenkovSubmit request
Lysholm, AseLysholm, Ase; Lysholm, Åse; Åse Lysholm1916Submit request
Lyskova-Petrzilkova, JolantaLYSKOVA-PETRziLKOVA, Jolanta; Jolanta LYSKOVA-PETRziLKOVASubmit request
Lyttle, AnthonyLyttle, Anthony; Anthony LyttleSubmit request
Lyu, KyungwonLYU, Kyungwon; Kyungwon LYU1957Submit request
Lyytikainen, JormaLyytikainen, Jorma; Lyytikäinen, Jorma; Jorma Lyytikäinen1936Submit request

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