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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Bababa International1985Submit request
Babarczy, AndrewBabarczy, Andrew; Andrew BabarczySubmit request
Babarovic, MarianaBabarovic, Mariana; Mariana BabarovicSubmit request
Babatz, IngeborgBabatz, Ingeborg; Ingeborg Babatz1908Submit request
Babayan, KarenBabayan, Karen; Karen Babayan1962Submit request
Babbage, HenryBabbage, Henry; Henry Babbage1989Submit request
Babelyte, JoneBABELYTE, JONE; JONE BABELYTE1982Submit request
Babenskiene, MinaBABENSKIENE, MINA; MINA BABENSKIENE1932Submit request
Babikova, Valentina DmitrievnaBabikova, Valentina Dmitrievna; Valentina Dmitrievna BabikovaSubmit request
Babilaite, IevaBABILAITE, IEVA; IEVA BABILAITE1973Submit request
Babilaite Sitas, EgleBABILAITE SITAS, EGLE; EGLE BABILAITE SITAS1973Submit request
Babin, Nikolaj SemenovichBabin, Nikolaj Semenovich; Nikolaj Semenovich BabinSubmit request
Babin, PaulBabin, Paul; Paul Babin1955Submit request
Babinet, BernadetteBabinet, Bernadette; Bernadette Babinet1938Submit request
Babington, AndrewBabington, Andrew; Andrew Babington1990Submit request
Babl, MonaBabl, Mona; Mona Babl1970Submit request
Babled, EmmanuelBABLED, Emmanuel; Emmanuel BABLED1967Submit request
Baboussis, ManolisBABOUSSIS Manolis; BABOUSSIS, Manolis; Manolis BABOUSSIS1950Submit request
Babraj, AlexanderBABRAJ, Alexander; Alexander BABRAJSubmit request
Babui, JohnBabui, John; John BabuiSubmit request
Babui, LorraineBabui, Lorraine; Lorraine BabuiSubmit request
Baburin, Nikolaj IvanovichBaburin, Nikolaj Ivanovich; Nikolaj Ivanovich BaburinSubmit request
Baca, VladoBaca, Vlado; Vlado Baca1948Submit request
Baccaru, CharlieBaccaru, Charlie; Charlie Baccaru1930Submit request
Bacenas, VytautasBACENAS, VYTAUTAS; VYTAUTAS BACENAS1925Submit request
Bach, MichaelBach, Michael; Michael Bach1953Submit request
Bach, DetlefBach, Detlef; Detlef Bach1963Submit request
Bach, GottfriedBach, Gottfried; Gottfried Bach1950Submit request

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