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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Wacquez, ThibautWACQUEZ, Thibaut; Thibaut WACQUEZSubmit request
Wadatjil, HelenWadatjil, Helen; Helen WadatjilSubmit request
Wadaymu, Pete WamutWadaymu, Pete Wamut; Pete Wamut WadaymuSubmit request
Waddell, ChloeWaddell, Chloe; Chloe Waddell1983Submit request
Wade, AdrienneWade, Adrienne; Adrienne Wade1968Submit request
Wade, ElisabethWade, Elisabeth; Elisabeth Wade1940Submit request
Wade, KrystieWade, Krystie; Krystie WadeSubmit request
Wade Quinn, PatriciaTrish Wade Quinn; Wade Quinn, Patricia; Patricia Wade Quinn1930Submit request
Wadjuda, SallyWadjuda, Sally; Sally WadjudaSubmit request
Wadle, SusanneWadle, Susanne; Susanne Wadle1966Submit request
Wadstroem, PetraWadstroem, Petra; Petra Wadstroem1952Submit request
Wadstroemer, Per PelleWadstroemer, Per Pelle; Per Pelle Wadstroemer1938Submit request
Wadsworth, EdwardWadsworth, Edward; Edward WadsworthSubmit request
Waechter, RoswitaWaechter, Roswita; Roswita Waechter1939Submit request
Waegner-Sjoeberg, Ann-MargretWaegner-Sjoeberg, Ann-Margret; Ann-Margret Waegner-Sjoeberg1932Submit request
Waelburgs, HugoWAELBURGS, Hugo; Hugo WAELBURGSSubmit request
Waelgaard, LineWælgaard, Line; Line Wælgaard1959Submit request
Waem, SergeWAEM, Serge; Serge WAEMSubmit request
Waendel, BarbroWaendel, Barbro; Barbro Waendel1943Submit request
Waenerlund, MargaWaenerlund, Marga; Marga Waenerlund1920Submit request
Waengelin, AasaWaengelin, Aasa; Aasa Waengelin1957Submit request
Waengestam, JonasWaengestam, Jonas; Jonas Waengestam1959Submit request
Waenn, GunillaWaenn, Gunilla; Gunilla Waenn1952Submit request
Waenstroem, Ulla-BrittWaenstroem, Ulla-Britt; Ulla-Britt Waenstroem1939Submit request
Waerdal, BirgittaWaerdal, Birgitta; Birgitta Waerdal1957Submit request
Waerff, GoeranWaerff, Goeran; Goeran Waerff1933Submit request
Waerff Radhe, HannaWaerff Radhe, Hanna; Hanna Waerff Radhe1961Submit request
Waermling, Ulrika MinamiWaermling, Ulrika Minami; Ulrika Minami Waermling1970Submit request
Waern, Gunnar KsWaern, Gunnar Ks; Gunnar Ks Waern1934Submit request
Waern, UnnWaern, Unn; Unn Waern1955Submit request

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