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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Yalukama, Left Hand Lee PeterYalukama, Left Hand Lee Peter; Left Hand YalukamaSubmit request
Yalukunbuy, Fay BangadinytjanYalukunbuy, Fay Bangadinytjan1977Submit request
Yalunga, JaneYalunga, Jane; Jane YalungaSubmit request
Yalunga, AnthonyYalunga, AnthonySubmit request
Yalurr, Joanne GalikaliYalurr, Joanne Galikali1971Submit request
Yalurr, WendyYalurr, Wendy; Wendy YalurrSubmit request
Yamabl, DickYamabl, DickSubmit request
Yamala, JimmyYamala, Jimmy1955Submit request
Yamalulu, WendyYamalulu, Wendy; Wendy YamaluluSubmit request
Yamalulu, JocelynYamalulu, JocelynSubmit request
Yamangarra, MayDagmirringu; Yamangarra, May; May Yamangarra1970Copyright licensing for Australian & NZ auction houses only, and all international licensingSubmit request
Yamanobe, HideakiYamanobe, Hideaki; Hideaki Yamanobe1964Submit request
Yamazaki, MasamiMASAMI; YAMAZAKI, Masami; Masami YAMAZAKI; MASAMI1975Submit request
Yamazaki, OsamuYamazaki, Osamu; Osamu Yamazaki1941Submit request
Yamba, PatrickPatrick Yamba; Yamba, PatrickSubmit request
Yamba, MelMel Yamba; Yamba, Mel1950Submit request
Yamba, BrianYamba, BrianSubmit request
Yamba, DennisYamba, DennisSubmit request
Yambal 1, Dick DurrurrngaYambal 1, Dick Durrurrnga1936Submit request
Yambarrwana Ganambar, Dorothy GalikaliYambarrwana Ganambar, Dorothy Galikali1955Submit request
Yammad, MiriamMiriam Yammad; Yammad, Miriam1979Submit request
Yandhalawuy, Helen BangadinytjanYandhalawuy, Helen BangadinytjanSubmit request
Yanez, CamiloYanez, CamiloSubmit request
Yang, Jeong-HyunJeong-Hyun YANG; YANG, Jeong-Hyun1985Submit request
Yang, RomonRostarr; Yang, Romon; Romon Yang1971Submit request
Yang, SuYang, Su; Su Yang1986Submit request
Yang, Eun-MeeYang, Eun-Mee; Eun-Mee YangSubmit request
Yang, Seung-YongSeung-Yong Yang; Yang, Seung-Yong1949Submit request
Yang, Dong-KilYANG, Dong-Kil; Dong-Kil YANG2014Submit request

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