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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Calder, Nanette LedererCalder, Nanette Lederer; Nanette Lederer CalderSubmit request
Calder, JohnCalder, John; John CalderSubmit request
Calder, AlexanderCalder, AlexanderSubmit request
Calder, David AlexanderCalder, David Alexander; David Alexander Calder1955Submit request
Calder, Linnea BlakeusCalder, Linnea Blakeus; Calder, Linnea Blakéus; Linnea Blakéus Calder1955Submit request
Caldera Martin, Oscar ManuelOsowan; Caldera Martin, Oscar Manuel; Caldera Martín, Oscar Manuel; Oscar Manuel Caldera Martín1972Submit request
Calderon Lopez De Arroyabe, RamonCalderon Lopez De Arroyabe, Ramon; Calderón López De Arroyabe, Ramón; Ramón Calderón López De Arroyabe1932Submit request
Calderon Luengo, Juan PedroCalderon Luengo, Juan Pedro; Calderón Luengo, Juan Pedro; Juan Pedro Calderón Luengo1961Submit request
Caldwell, Noel KennethCharlie; Caldwell, Noel Kenneth; Noel Kenneth Caldwell1973Submit request
Caldwell, DorothyCaldwell, Dorothy; Dorothy CaldwellSubmit request
Calek, DavidCALEK, David; David CALEKSubmit request
Calestroupat, Jean-PierrePierre Cales; Calestroupat, Jean-Pierre; Jean-Pierre CalestroupatSubmit request
Cali, GiuseppeCali, Giuseppe; Calì, Giuseppe; Giuseppe Calì1946Submit request
Calia, RossCalia, Ross; Ross CaliaSubmit request
Caligaris, EricEric CALIGARIS; CALIGARIS, Eric1965Submit request
Calippe, EdouardCALIPPE, Edouard; Edouard CALIPPE1989Submit request
Callan, Gregory JohnCallan, Gregory John; Gregory John CallanSubmit request
Callebert, MaartenCALLEBERT, Maarten; Maarten CALLEBERTSubmit request
Calleen, Justinus MariaJMC; Calleen, Justinus Maria; Justinus Maria Calleen1960Submit request
Calleen, HerbertCalleen, Herbert; Herbert Calleen1924Submit request
Calleja, VictoriaCALLEJA, Victoria; Victoria CALLEJASubmit request
Calleja Sierra, AntonioCalleja Sierra, Antonio; Antonio Calleja Sierra1960Submit request
Callen, NarelleCallen, NarelleSubmit request
Callen-Schickinger, ChristineCallen-Schickinger, Christine; Christine Callen-Schickinger1961Submit request
Callery, SimonCallery, Simon; Simon Callery1960Submit request
Callery, TaylorCallery, Taylor; Taylor CallerySubmit request

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