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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Waernhoff, AnnaWaernhoff, Anna; Anna Waernhoff1955Submit request
Waesch, WolfgangWaesch, Wolfgang; Wolfgang Waesch1945Submit request
Waetthen, Anita VikWætthen, Anita Vik; Anita Vik Wætthen1945Submit request
Waeyen, NataschaWaeyen, Natascha; Natascha Waeyen1971Submit request
Wagalhaes, BernardoWAGALHAES, Bernardo; Bernardo WAGALHAESSubmit request
WAGBARA, SamuelWAGBARA, Samuel ; Samuel WAGBARA1928Copyright licensing for Australian & NZ auction houses only, and all international licensingSubmit request
Wagenaar, JohanWagenaar, Johan; Johan Wagenaar1952Submit request
Wagenblast, DanielWagenblast, Daniel; Daniel Wagenblast1963Submit request
Wagenbrett, NorbertWagenbrett, Norbert; Norbert Wagenbrett1954Submit request
Wagendristel, EvaWagendristel, Eva; Eva Wagendristel1964Submit request
Wagener, MauriceWAGENER, Maurice; Maurice WAGENERSubmit request
Wagener, AgnesWagener, Agnes; Agnes WagenerSubmit request
Wagener, MichaelWagener, Michael; Michael Wagener1966Submit request
Wagener, SophiaWagener, Sophia; Sophia Wagener1972Submit request
Wagenfeld, WilhelmWilhelm Wagenfeld; Wagenfeld, Wilhelm1900Submit request
Wager, KiraWager, Kira; Kira Wager1971Submit request
Wagle, KirstenWagle, Kirsten; Kirsten Wagle1956Submit request
Wagler, PeterWagler, Peter; Peter Wagler1964Submit request
Wagner, MilanMilan WAGNER; WAGNER, MilanSubmit request
Wagner, Ladislav MariaWAGNER, Ladislav Maria; Ladislav Maria WAGNERSubmit request
Wagner, RadanWAGNER, Radan; Radan WAGNERSubmit request
Wagner, ZdenekWAGNER, ZdenEk; ZdenEk WAGNERSubmit request
Wagner, VincentWagner, Vincent; Vincent Wagner1971Submit request
Wagner, HelgaWagner, Helga; Helga Wagner1940Submit request
Wagner, Reinhard EWagner, Reinhard E; Reinhard E Wagner1952Submit request
Wagner, SusanneWagner, Susanne; Susanne Wagner1977Submit request
Wagner, GunterWagner, Gunter f.; Wagner, Gunter; Gunter Wagner1952Submit request
Wagner, Winfrit Josef FelixWinfrit Josef Wagner; Wagner, Winfrit Josef Felix1938Submit request
Wagner, HorstWagner, Horst; Horst Wagner1959Submit request

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