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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Yeo, Kei-SookYeo, Kei-Sook; Kei-Sook Yeo1963Submit request
Yeo, JungeunYEO, Jungeun; Jungeun YEO1980Submit request
YERU, HENRIHenri Yeruchalmy; YERUCHALMY, HENRI; YERU, HENRI1948Submit request
Yesa Jimenez, AntonioYesa Jimenez, Antonio; Antonio Yesa Jimenez1952Submit request
Yethun, DorrisYethun, Dorris; Dorris Yethun1958Submit request
Yetnun, Regina BaraninjanYetnun, Regina Baraninjan; Regina Baraninjan Yetnun1975Submit request
Yew, BenYew, Ben; Ben YewSubmit request
Yi, Young-AeYi, Young-Ae; Young-Ae Yi1961Submit request
Yi, YoujinYi, Youjin; Youjin Yi1980Submit request
Yi, ByungheeYI, Byunghee; Byunghee YI1965Submit request
Yibardi, SallyYibardi, Sally; Sally YibardiSubmit request
Yibardi, Yvonne JamesJames-Yibardi, Yvonne; Yibardi, Yvonne JamesSubmit request
Yibarrarr, TommyYibarrarr, Tommy; Tommy YibarrarrSubmit request
Yidawurr, KevinYidawurr, Kevin; Kevin Yidawurr1964Submit request
Yikaki, Julie NarritjanYikaki, Julie Narritjan; Julie Narritjan YikakiSubmit request
Yikar, Julie BulanjanYikar, Julie Bulanjan; Julie Bulanjan Yikar1955Submit request
Yilakala, ChristineYilakala, Christine; Christine YilakalaSubmit request
Yilangi Wanambi, PeterYilangi Wanambi, Peter; Peter Yilangi Wanambi1954Submit request
Yilkari, Tjam KataniYilkari, Tjam Katani; Tjam Katani YilkariSubmit request
Yilpi, MaggieYilpi, Maggie; Maggie YilpiSubmit request
Yim, GapjaeYIM, Gapjae; Gapjae YIM1957Submit request
Yinga, MonaYinga, Mona; Mona Yinga1964Submit request
Yingimi, PeterYingimi, Peter; Peter YingimiSubmit request
Yinglya, Jason GamajunYinglya, Jason Gamajun; Jason Gamajun YinglyaSubmit request
Yinka Shonibare1962Submit request
Yip, Lap WingYip, Lap Wing; Lap Wing Yip1963Submit request
Yipirrimpirr, Rita GalikaliYipirrimpirr, Rita Galikali; Rita Galikali Yipirrimpirr1964Submit request
Yirawalla, CharlieYirawalla, Charlie; Charlie YirawallaSubmit request
Yirilil, Colin BurrlungYirilil, Colin Burrlung; Colin Burrlung YirililSubmit request
Yirrawala, CharlesYirrawala, Charles; Charles Yirrawala1978Submit request

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