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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Jurgens, ErnstJurgens, Ernst; Jürgens, Ernst; Ernst Jürgens1947Submit request
Jurgens, KlausJurgens, Klaus; Jürgens, Klaus; Klaus Jürgens1951Submit request
Jurgensen, LarsJurgensen, Lars; Jürgensen, Lars; Lars Jürgensen1959Submit request
Jurick, KristinaJurick, Kristina; Kristina Jurick1969Submit request
Jurik, StanislavJURiK, Stanislav; Stanislav JURiKSubmit request
Jurik, VojtechJURiK, VojtEch; VojtEch JURiKSubmit request
Juritz, SaschaPawelpan; Juritz, Sascha; Sascha Juritz1939Submit request
Jurk, KatharinaJurk, Nina K.; Jurk, Katharina; Katharina Jurk1970Submit request
Jurkov, Konstantin FedorovichJurkov, Konstantin Fedorovich; Konstantin Fedorovich JurkovSubmit request
Jurkunas, VytautasJURKUNAS, VYTAUTAS; VYTAUTAS JURKUNAS1946Submit request
Jurkunas, VytautasJURKUNAS, VYTAUTAS; VYTAUTAS JURKUNAS1910Submit request
Jurkunas, DziugasJURKUNAS, DZIUGAS; DZIUGAS JURKUNAS1972Submit request
Jurkuniene, DovileJURKUNIENE, DOVILE; DOVILE JURKUNIENE1971Submit request
Jurkus, SvajunasJURKUS, SVAJUNAS; SVAJUNAS JURKUS1964Submit request
Jurr Spencer, Jimija JungarrayiJurr Spencer, Jimija Jungarrayi; Jimija Jungarrayi Jurr SpencerSubmit request
Jurra, BiddyJurra, Biddy; Biddy JurraSubmit request
Jurra, JasminaJurra, Jasmina; Jasmina JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Amanda NangalaJurra, Amanda Nangala; Amanda Nangala JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Charmaine NungarrayiJurra, Charmaine Nungarrayi; Charmaine Nungarrayi JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Doris NapaljarriJurra, Doris Napaljarri; Doris Napaljarri JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Freda NapaljarriJurra, Freda Napaljarri; Freda Napaljarri JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Tilo NangalaAmanda Jurra; Jurra, Tilo Nangala; Tilo Nangala JurraSubmit request
Jurra, Raphael JungarrayiJurra, Raphael Jungarrayi; Raphael Jungarrayi JurraSubmit request
Jurra/Tex, PeggyJurra/Tex, Peggy; Peggy Jurra/TexSubmit request
Jurrah, BernadineJurrah, Bernadine; Bernadine JurrahSubmit request
Jurrah, LeanneJurrah, Leanne; Leanne JurrahSubmit request
Jurrah, RoxanneJurrah, Roxanne; Roxanne JurrahSubmit request
Jurrah, ReanelleJurrah, Reanelle; Reanelle JurrahSubmit request
Jurrah, GlenetteJurrah, Glenette; Glenette JurrahSubmit request

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