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NamePseudonymDOBLicensing Restrictions
Wydra-Lamberty, JaninaJanina Wydra-Lamberty; Wydra-Lamberty, Janina1961Submit request
Wyeth, VictoriaWyeth, Victoria; Victoria Wyeth1979Submit request
Wyeth, AndrewWyeth, Andrew1917Submit request
Wyley, DervlaMaster D; Wyley, Dervla; Dervla Wyley; Master D1971Submit request
Wylie, MansurMansur Wylie; Wylie, Mansur1944Submit request
Wyller, BethWyller, Beth; Beth Wyller1947Submit request
Wyller, SverreWyller, Sverre; Sverre Wyller1953Submit request
Wynants, JohanWynants, Johan; Johan WynantsSubmit request
Wynd, AlisonWynd, Alison; Alison WyndSubmit request
Wynen, EricWYNEN, Eric; Eric WYNENSubmit request
Wyngaard, PhilippeWYNGAARD, Philippe; Philippe WYNGAARDSubmit request
Wyngaard, ThomasWyngaard, Thomas; Thomas WyngaardSubmit request
Wynne, AltheaWynne, Althea; Althea Wynne1936Submit request
Wynter, BryanWynter, Bryan; Bryan WynterSubmit request
Wyrner, LenaLena Wyrner; Wyrner, Lena1953Submit request
Wyrwol, RicardaWyrwol, Ricarda; Ricarda Wyrwol1962Submit request
Wyrwoll-Theissen, KatharinaWyrwoll-Theißen, Katharina; Katharina Wyrwoll-Theißen1942Submit request
Wysocki, Eva MargareteWysocki, Eva Margarete; Eva Margarete Wysocki1959Submit request

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