I write across genres with the purpose of breaking down stereotypes around Aboriginal people in the 21st century.

I want to create resources that encourage young Aboriginal people to read. I think it’s important Aboriginal people today can see themselves in the Australian literary landscape. I want to empower other young Australians to tell stories important to them as well. There are so many gaps in the published story of Australia today – I am motivated to fill those gaps.

I wrote my first book Sacred Cows (Magabala, 1996) as a response to having to read books about Aboriginal Australia by non-Aboriginal authors when I was at university. I had no idea at the time that I would go on to write the novels that I have to date.

The ownership over my material is the utmost importance to me. I spend a lot of time, energy and intellect creating the works that I publish. I want the right to republish where and when I desire and by the same token, I want the right to say who can and can not reuse my work. And I want to be paid for the work that I do – just like everyone else – regardless of what their work might be.

My payments from the Copyright Agency provide necessary income for my day-to-day living which is just essential for my financial survival, particularly when I am working on a book project.