Wayne Diver-Tuck [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

April 30, 2018

Wayne Diver-Tuck

It is extremely rewarding to be involved in the whole process, from pre-purchase due diligence, to surveys for the design, to setting out marks that enable the builder to build the building, and then to plan and carry out the complex subdivisions and strata plans for the site.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

Jules Faber [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

April 12, 2018

Jules Faber

To share something unique to yourself, and have others relate or understand, is to know that we’re not all alone in our minds but are living a shared experience.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

Amanda Marburg [Photo © Olivia Tran]

January 31, 2018

Amanda Marburg

Trying to make an income from your practice can be tough at times. You’re still going to paint and produce because that’s what you do, that’s what you love to do, but it’s also nice if you get some benefits from it.

Photo by Olivia Tran

Melissa Lucashenko [Photo © David Kelly]

January 31, 2018

Melissa Lucashenko

I get inspired to create by ordinary people and the mad, interesting, exhilarating craziness of their everyday lives. There’s no such thing as boring once you look below the surface of people from any walk of life.

Photo by David Kelly

Jill Eddington [Photo © David Kelly]

January 31, 2018

Jill Eddington

How do we sustain an Australian publishing industry? How do we ensure that writers are paid for their work, their ideas, their art, and that they continue to write? That, without doubt, is the biggest challenge for us all.

Photo by David Kelly

Fayen d'Evie

December 12, 2017

Fayen d’Evie

Fayen is an artist and writer whose practice engages with installation, performance, conversation, publishing and writing. Her work is increasingly interested in shifting the focus of exhibition making from prioritising the sense of sight, to more embodied encounters.

Luke Jurevicius [Photo © Sam Roberts]

November 29, 2017

Luke Jurevicius

I remember when I received my first Copyright Agency payment: it came at such an important time. What Copyright Agency does – what protecting the copyright laws does – is it inspires you to do your best possible work…

Photo by Sam Roberts

Elisabeth Cummings [Photo © Bryan Sun]

April 7, 2017

Elisabeth Cummings

I joined because I thought it was a good thing to have an organisation like yours keeping an eye on the copyright issue.

Photo by Bryan Sun

Image Credit: Left to right: Authors Vicki Laveau-Harvie, Bri Lee, Enza Gandolfo, Fiona Wright, and Stephanie Bishop. Photo: Elle Green.

Image Credit: Left to right: Publisher Fellows Alexandra Payne, Nathan Hollier, Bronwyn Mehan, and Louise Cornegé.

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