Rocco Fazzari [Photo © Tim Levy]
Rocco Fazzari [Photo © Tim Levy]

Rocco Fazzari

Sometimes clients don’t understand that, although a commission might only take a day or so to create (or in some cases a few hours), it has taken many thousands of hours of dedicated study, observation and application over many years to have been able to achieve that outcome.

Photo by Tim Levy

Kelly Evans [Photo © Tim Levy]

Kelly Evans

I love how creative students can be, how their imagination can take them on a unique and creative journey, and how – when they are passionate about something – they really have no limitations.

Photo by Tim Levy

Cathy Wilcox [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

Cathy Wilcox

I love thinking! I love the satisfaction of having an idea that ‘sings’, that works as a comprehensive piece of logical extrapolation and exposes an absurdity.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

Mark Andrew [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

Mark Andrew

Surveyors have had to fight long and hard for recognition – so copyright and ownership of our plans is very important.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

Peter Doherty

The protection of the Australian voice in our stories is vital

Tracy Marsh [Photo © Sam Roberts]

Tracy Marsh

Australian publishers are very highly respected around the world, so that makes me really proud to be an Australian writer and publisher.

Photo by Sam Roberts

Wayne Diver-Tuck [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

Wayne Diver-Tuck

It is extremely rewarding to be involved in the whole process, from pre-purchase due diligence, to surveys for the design, to setting out marks that enable the builder to build the building, and then to plan and carry out the complex subdivisions and strata plans for the site.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks

Jules Faber [Photo © Caitlin Hicks]

Jules Faber

To share something unique to yourself, and have others relate or understand, is to know that we’re not all alone in our minds but are living a shared experience.

Photo by Caitlin Hicks