Cultural Fund

Copyright Agency's Board is authorised by Copyright Agency's Constitution to allocate 1.5% of its income to development projects that will support the Australian publishing and visual arts industries

This is known as the Cultural Fund. The Cultural Fund supports a wide variety of projects which aim to encourage, and provide practical assistance to Copyright Agency's members and the Australian cultural community.

The Cultural Fund has two areas of focus:

Major cultural projects

This is the main fund, usually allocated to organisations running projects which will have a broad cultural benefit. The priority for this fund is to support innovation in the Australian creative industries and to develop local and foreign markets for Australian works. Apply here.

Career Fund

$150,000 a year is allocated from the Cultural Fund to form the Career Fund (formerly the Creative Industries Career Fund). This fund supports individual Australian creators and those involved in the creative industries who wish to develop their professional skills. Applicants can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to undertake training and other activities that will enhance their careers. Apply here.

For more information on the Cultural Fund and Career Fund click here.

    • Apply for Cultural Funding

      Guidelines and deadlines for applications to the Cultural Fund for project funding

    • The Career Fund

      The Copyright Agency’s Career Fund supports individuals working in the publishing and visual arts sectors to develop skills and enhance their careers.

    • Cultural Fund Presentation

      Cultural Fund Manager Zoë Rodriguez explains the Cultural Fund and projects we are currently supporting.

    • Reading Australia

      Reading Australia is a major funding initiative for Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund, providing online resources for the teaching and learning of Australian literature in Australian schools and universities.