Your view of works and payments is about to get better

August 18, 2020

The second major upgrade to your online account is due to launch at the end of next month, and it promises to deliver significant improvements to the way you view your works and payments.

The release marks the completion of a two-year project to rebuild the systems we use to make around $115 million in payments to our members each year. This upgrade was necessary as our old systems were coming to their end-of-life.

We’ve listened to your feedback and simplified key processes relating to claims, shares and payments to improve transparency, efficiency and access to support.

Here is a summary of what’s changing. We’re targeted to go live in late September.

What’s changing about claims

We will ask you if you’re entitled to receive payment for a work before the amount has been determined. This new process will be called ‘verifying’ a work and we’ll only ask you to do it if a work is going to be paid.

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What’s changing about shares

We will make it easier for members to be paid their share directly, and to see their percentage share. We’ll ask publishers to upload this information only when there’s likely to be a future payment.

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What’s changing about payments

We will combine all payments under one easy-to-understand payment report that sets out the title, amount, tax and deductions and who the payment is for (if you are an agent).

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Once we launch, we will send a more detailed breakdown of the new features and provide ways for you to learn to get the most from your new Member Portal.

As always, our Member Services team is here to support you. If you’d like to know more about what’s changing, check out our Help Centre. For any other questions, feel free to chat to us online or email

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