The Public Relations Council champions copyright for its members

November 20, 2015

The Public Relations Council (PRC) and the Copyright Agency have developed a partnership to deliver discounted copyright licences and services to the Council’s members to ensure the smooth and legal free flow of content.

Communications professionals generate and use an enormous amount of content. When copyright material such as articles, images, graphs or research is used in the everyday workflow of an agency, permission from the copyright owner is generally required each time.

Director of Commercial Licensing at the Copyright Agency, Ross McCaul, says “A copyright licence means staff can use material freely without worrying about whether they need to ask permission. It also means businesses are not carrying an unnecessary risk.”

The PRC, which comprises 28 consumer agency members, has recognised that copyright is a best practice governance standard. It has partnered with the Copyright Agency to help its members better understand their responsibilities when it comes to copyright.

Chair of the Public Relations Council, Melissa Cullen, says “This is an important agreement, which we hope will raise awareness of agencies’ legal obligation to acquire appropriate copyright licensing and therefore avoid serious fines. Our position brings several benefits, from discounted licensing and education to protection against immediate fines once the number of compliant member agencies meets a certain threshold.”​

Ross McCaul adds, “An annual copyright licence delivers obvious benefits but it also indicates a respect for the professional output of publishers, creators and the ecosystem that the creation of quality content depends on. All these elements were important to PRC in negotiating this agreement for their agency members.”

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